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(1918-1997) US writer whose first sf story, "Locked Out", appeared in Astounding in February 1940, but who became fully active, mainly with further stories in Astounding, only after army service in World War Two. By 1967, when he became inactive, he had published nearly 60 stories. His Bureau of Slick Tricks tales, published in Astounding from 1948 to 1952, are typical of John W Campbell Jr's need for stories in which humans deftly outwit thick-skulled (often bureaucratic) Aliens. In his novel, D-99 (fixup 1962), which continues the series, Department 99 of the Terran government has the job of finagling citizens out of jams on other planets and flummoxing thicker species. The tone is fortunately light. [JC]

Horace Bowne Fyfe

born Jersey City, New Jersey: 30 September 1918

died Teaneck, New Jersey: 17 November 1997



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