A for Andromeda

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UK tv serial (1961). A BBC TV production. Produced by Michael Hayes, Norman Jones, written John Elliot from a storyline by Fred Hoyle. Seven episodes, the first six at 45 minutes, the last 50 minutes. Black and white. The cast included Peter Halliday, John Nettleton, Esmond Knight, Patricia Neale, Frank Windsor, Mary Morris, Julie Christie.

A radio signal transmitted from the Andromeda Galaxy proves, when decoded by maverick scientist Fleming (Halliday), to contain instructions for the building of a supercomputer. Once built by Earth scientists, the Computer in turn provides instructions on how to create a living being. The final result is a beautiful young girl, named, naturally, Andromeda, mentally linked to the ever-more-powerful computer; her existence causes a great deal of controversy within the government. She helps Fleming wreck the computer, and is hurt and (seemingly) drowned. The story is intelligently presented despite its absurdities. The serial brought Julie Christie into the public eye for the first time. The novelization by Hoyle and Elliot is A for Andromeda (1962). The television sequel was The Andromeda Breakthrough (1962). [JB/PN]

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