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(?   -2018) US author of the WWIII: Behind the Lines series whose three titles are WWIII: Behind the Lines: Target Texas (1990), WWIII: Behind the Lines: Target Nuke (1990) and WWIII: Behind the Lines: Target Iran (1991), all with Gordon Rottman, who is the author of several nonfiction books on military subjects; and of the Deepcore Technothriller series comprising Deepcore (1991), Boomer Down (1992) and Crash Dive (1992), all solo. Neither series is remarkable. [JC]

James B Adair


died 2 July 2018



WWIII: Behind the Lines


  • Deepcore (New York: Berkley, 1991) [Deepcore: pb/Juji Kaida]
  • Boomer Down (New York: Berkley, 1992) [Deepcore: pb/]
  • Crash Dive (New York: Berkley, 1992) [Deepcore: pb/]

individual titles

  • Navy Seals (New York: Berkley, 1990) [tie to the film Navy Seals (1990): pb/]
  • Piranha (New York: Berkley, 1992) [pb/]


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