Astounding She-Monster, The

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Film (1957; vt Mysterious Invader UK). Hollywood International Pictures/American International Pictures. Produced and directed by Ronald V Ashcroft (credited as Ronnie Ashcroft). Written by Frank Hall and Ashcroft (uncredited) from their original story. Cast includes Robert Clarke, Kenne Duncan, Marilyn Harvey, Shirley Kilpatrick and Jeanne Tatum. 62 minutes. Black and white.

Geologist Dick Cutler (Clarke) is in the mountains of northern California prospecting for radium when a UFO crashes near his cabin. Meanwhile Nat Burdell (Duncan) and his criminal gang have kidnapped wealthy socialite Margaret Chaffee (Harvey) and fled to the mountains to hide out: the craft's arrival causes them to wreck their automobile. After discovering Cutler and his cabin, they hole up there. A female humanoid Alien (Kilpatrick) from the UFO appears, glowing with radioactivity, and kills off the group one by one with her deadly touch. Cutler devises a crude bomb from his assaying chemicals and destroys the alien after she has wiped out everyone but himself and Chaffee – who discover that her purpose on Earth was to offer humanity membership in a kind of interstellar United Nations, not realizing how dangerous her body's radioactivity was to humans.

Actor Robert Clarke seemed genuinely to like sf Cinema, but except for The Man from Planet X (1950) and Beyond the Time Barrier (1960) his films are low-budget affairs with little to recommend them. [GSt]


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