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(1880-1952) UK author of many magazine stories, mostly crime fiction – his Smiler Bunn thief-as-hero stories were popular in the 1920s – plus some supernatural and sf tales. His first publication of direct sf interest seems to be "The Strange Case of Alan Moraine" (September 1912 Grand Magazine), whose title character, a noted sportsman, flies an experimental aeroplane (incorporating much new Technology) in hope of setting a high-altitude record; he is abducted by flying discs (see UFOs) from the extrasolar planet Syrax, whose queen has fallen in love with him via interstellar viewer. This romance does not end well; Moraine returns suffering from a Poison that is transforming him into metal. Atkey's work for The Red Magazine and The Blue Book Magazine (both of which see) includes The Escapes of Mr. Honey: An Entertainment Comprising the Curious Adventures of an English Author in the Gulfs of the Bygone (stories 1916, 1930; coll of linked stories 1944), playing with Reincarnation and Timeslip themes as Hobart Honey uses a special Drug to project his mind into the past and recapture the adventures of his former lives, usually to comic effect. [DRL]

see also: Intelligence.

Bertram Atkey

born Downton, Wiltshire: 1880

died 12 June 1952

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