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(1980-    ) UK playwright, at least two of whose plays have sf elements. The 1968-2525 timespan of Earthquakes in London (performed 4 August 2010 Cottesloe Theatre, London; 2010) includes realist historical scenes and events in both contemporary and Near Future London, as well as visions of a Ruined Earth, scenes set in the future comprising enacted scenes as well as projected images, conveyed through vaudeville routines, of drastic Climate Change and other Disasters. 13 (performed 25 October 2011 National Theatre, London; 2011) depicts political bickering over a proposed invasion of Iran under American supervision, as revolution batters at the gates of the state. The blank verse King Charles III (performed 3 April 2014 Almeida Theatre, London; 2014), filmed for Television as King Charles III (2017) directed by Rupert Goold, describes a Near Future constitutional crisis when the newly-crowned Charles refuses royal assent to a bill designed to cripple press freedom in an increasingly Paranoia-gripped UK (see Politics). His betrayal by the ghost of Princess Diana, the Duchess of Cambridge, and his son Prince William results in his abdication and the passing of the destructive bill. [JC]

Michael Bartlett

born Oxford, Oxfordshire: 7 October 1980


works (selected)

  • Earthquakes in London (London: Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2010) [play: first performed 4 August 2010 Cottesloe Theatre, London: pb/]
  • 13 (London: Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2011) [play: first performed 25 October 2011 National Theatre, London: pb/]
  • King Charles III (London: Nick Hern Books, 2014) [play: first performed 3 April 2014 Almeida Theatre, London: pb/]


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