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(1933-2006) UK Fanzine editor and book dealer – for many years a stalwart of UK Convention dealers' rooms – whose 1950s fanzine was Ploy (13 issues 1954-1959, numbered #2 to #14) and who from 1959 to 1971 edited and published Skyrack (which see), the British Newszine of the 1960s, all issues of which were eventually assembled with related material as The Complete Skyrack (2017 ebook). His reminiscences of 1950s fandom appeared in Mimosa; he was the 1958 delegate of the TransAtlantic Fan Fund; he remains the only fan after whom an Eastercon has been named (albeit some time after the fact), the 1962 "Ronvention", which he chaired. His small amount of professionally published fiction appeared late in life, beginning with "A Breath of Mountain Air" in Strange Pleasures (anth 2001) edited by Sean Wallace. [DRL]

Ron Bennett

born 14 May 1933

died 5 November 2006



  • The Complete Skyrack (Reading, Berkshire: Ansible Editions, 2017) [nonfiction: coll: ebook: introduction by Rob Hansen: na/Arthur Thomson as Atom]


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