Beyond the Bermuda Triangle

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Made-for-tv film (1975; working title Here There Be Dragons). Playboy Productions for NBC-TV. Produced by Ron Roth. Directed by William A Graham. Written by Charles McDaniel. Cast includes Sam Groom, Fred MacMurray, Donna Mills, Dana Plato and Suzanne Reed. 74 minutes. Colour.

Retired businessman and sailing enthusiast Harry Ballinger (MacMurray) becomes interested in the number of aircraft and ships allegedly lost mysteriously in the so-called Bermuda Triangle off the eastern coast of Florida, especially after his brother vanishes there. Ballinger is involved in a romantic relationship with Jill (Reed), a lady considerably younger than himself, and becomes totally obsessed with the Triangle when she too disappears in the region. This eventually leads him to a satisfyingly eerie fate involving disappearance into a mist that may lead to another Dimension or Parallel World.

Of the spate of films and documentaries about the Triangle, this is a merely average treatment. It has some historical importance as MacMurray's final film before retirement, and the first film of the ill-fated Television sitcom star Plato, whose only real success was in the series Diff'rent Strokes (1979-1986). [GSt]


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