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Pseudonym of US television executive, columnist and author Gil Schwartz (1951-    ), a columnist for Fortune for many years; his first novel, Lloyd: What Happened: A Novel of Business (1998), in which a world-transforming project is never actually described, shies just short of the fantastic. Bing is of sf interest for the Near Future Immortal Life: (A Soon to be True Story) (2017), whose antagonist, a Satirically-conceived mogul who controls much of interplanetary commerce between here and Mars and beyond, plans for his own Immortality through Identity Transfer to a young body. Unfortunately this body is occupied by its original owner, who by the end of the tale has become its protagonist. The Media Landscape is spoofed en passant, though not perhaps with quite the pointed hilariousness to be found in his columns and nonfiction books [not listed below]. [JC]

Gil Schwartz

born New York: 20 May 1951


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