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(1917-2016) US author of some 25 books of historical nonfiction written for children [not listed below]. Her most notable venture into "non-fact" speculation is the lighthearted The First Travel Guide to the Moon: What to Pack, How to Go, and What to See When You Get There (1980 chap), which assumes commercial Space Flight and space tourism from 1995 onward and is written as though for early twenty-first-century readers planning a vacation on the Moon. The First Travel Guide to the Bottom of the Sea (1983 chap) similarly explores the realm Under the Sea via the milder speculative device of a fusion-powered "super submarine", the Sea Dragon. [DRL]

see also: Travel Guides.

Rhoda Blumberg

born New York: 13 December 1917

died Yorktown Heights, New York: 6 June 2016

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