Brémont, Anna, Comtesse de

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(circa 1853-?   ) US-born singer and author, mainly in South Africa after around 1878. She is of sf interest for A Son of Africa: A Romance (1899), mostly set in a remote African region governed by baboons (see Apes as Human); the young protagonist, whose mother is Black and father is white (see Race in SF), ends up in the UK after a natural Disaster has killed his mother and hurtled his father into an Underground world, where the Queen of Sheba (see She) predicts the construction of a Jewish-English Utopia in South Africa. Meanwhile the young protagonist, after many adventures, returns home before becoming a Christian minister. [JC]

Anna Elizabeth Dunphy, Comtesse [also found spelled Comptesse] de Brémont

born Cincinnati, Ohio: circa 1853


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