British Fantasy Society Bulletin

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Fanzine published by the first British Fantasy Society. Edited by D R Smith. 28 issues from June 1942 to November 1946, on a schedule generally varying between monthly and bimonthly.

This was the Newszine of the first British Fantasy Society, formed in 1942 and continuing to 1946. Following three issues of the tentatively titled British Fantasy Fan Federation Preliminary Bulletin edited by J Michael Rosenblum in March, April and May 1942, the British Fantasy Society Bulletin was circulated with Futurian War Digest from #1 (June 1942) to #21 (March 1945), continuing in its own right until the final issue #28 (November 1946). Most issues have been archived online [see under links below] by Rob Hansen, who speculates that the presumed #12 for November 1943 may have been accidentally skipped. [DRL]


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