Buchholz, Matthew

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(?   -?   ) US artist and author, of sf interest for Alternate Histories of the World (graph 2013), a fantasticated chronological sequence of images taken from various historical (or quasi-historical) events, each of them textually and visually estranged into Alternate History understandings of the events in question. Sometimes the estrangements read as sf, sometimes as fantasy, sometimes as delusion, sometimes as surrealism (see also Absurdist SF). A sharp Satirical touch enlivens the exercise throughout. Some of the associations seem sui generis, some may derive directly from juxtapositions typical of authors like Howard Waldrop or Guy Davenport. A sense that the text/illustrations here presented are meant to be perceived as hermetically alternate to reality suggests that Luigi Serafini's Codex Seraphinianus (1981) may have been an influence on its conception. [JC]

Matthew Buchholz

born Arizona.




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