Carrel, Frederic

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(1859-1945) UK author whose portrait of Frank Harris in an early novel, The Adventures of John Johns (1897), has been a source of misinformation about Harris for more than a century. Paul le Maistre (1901) is not sf, the invention at the heart of the book being a better plough; on the other hand, the Inventions of the Antihero ruler of an ambivalently Utopian Europe in 2010 (1914) are genuinely sf, though fitted within a narrative frame whose exorbitance has reasonably been understood as Parodic of the Future War tales of M P Shiel and others. One of these inventions is a technique for turning black skins white, for which the coloured races of the world are distressingly grateful (see Imperialism, Race in SF). In the end, an Invasion of Britain by Amazonian Asians (see Women in SF, Yellow Peril) is defeated through the application of a genocidal poison. 2010 was published anonymously. [JC/MA]

Frederic Poingdestre Carrel

born St Helier, Jersey: 16 July 1859

died Montreux, Switzerland: 6 October 1945


  • 2010 (London: T Werner Laurie, 1914) as by "The Author of the Adventures of John Johns" [hb/]


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