Castillo Vicci, Alberto

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(1938-    ) Venezuelan author and retired professor emeritus who has published twelve books about artificial intelligence (see AI) and the fundamentals of science. His Cuentos esotéricos ["Esoteric Tales"] (coll 2008) won the Premio de Narrativa "La Tuna de Oro" presented by Casa Nacional de las Letras Andrés Bello in 2008. In this collection, he extends some logical, scientific, philosophical and theological theories beyond their own limits. In 2011 he won the Bienal Miguel Ramón Utrera with his collection «Memorias de Mabil» ["Mabil Memories"] which is still unpublished and not sf. In his novel Demiurgo, S.A. (Fábrica de Utopías) ["Demiurge Inc. (Utopias Factory)"] (2012) the author shows us a procedure for rewriting the human code and making a new Utopia without our present troubles. Ciberpresidente ["Cyberpresident"] (2013) is a thriller in which a Machine can control the minds of all people who see the image of the cyberpresident; so those who operate the machine can control the world. [SS]

Alberto Castillo Vicci

born Barquisimeto, Venezuela: 2 May 1938


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