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Pseudonym of US anthropologist, archaeologist, museum curator and author Mark Raymond Harrington (1882-1971) whose only known work of fiction, the novella "Teoquitla the Golden" (November 1924 Weird Tales), is a Lost Race tale embedding within some typical Clichés of the form an early, interesting and nonjudgmental Transgender SF plot. The protagonist finds a hidden valley containing a lost Aztec civilization, and there uncaringly drives an Aztec woman who loves him to suicide; as punishment he is first required to cross-dress and cater to men, and then – after a transformative Drug has been given him – awakens as a woman. Taking this in her stride, she falls in love with Montezuma, the clearly non-white king of the hidden world, and marries him. After Montezuma's sudden death, she returns sadly to the United States. [JC]

Mark Raymond Harrington

born Ann Arbor, Michigan: 6 July 1882

died Mission Hills, California: 30 June 1971


  • "Teoquitla the Golden" (November 1924 Weird Tales) [novella: mag/]

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