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(1968-    ) US author who has focused on Technothrillers, some of them extending into the fantastic, as does his first novel, Vulcan's Forge (1998) as by Jack B Du Brul, which begins the Philip Mercer sequence featuring a geologist who – not entirely unlike Steven Spielberg's similarly scholarly Indiana Jones – has physical gifts extending beyond the probable. In Vulcan's Forge, a volcano has been artificially induced in 1954, 200 miles away from Hawaii (though nowhere near the actual Hawaii hot spot responsible for the creation of the archipelago). The Villain's goal is eventually to create a new Power Source known as bikinium, along with a new Island to own. This scheme to rule the world is defeated.

Du Brul's collaborations with Clive Cussler in the Oregon Files sequence beginning with its third instalment, Dark Watch (2005), are also Technothrillers, usually stopping short at the verge of the fantastic. [JC]

Jack B Du Brul

born Burlington, Vermont: 15 October 1968




Philip Mercer

Oregon Files


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