Earth and Fire

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Minor Dutch prog-band. Their second album Song of the Marching Children (1971) includes in its twenty-minute title-track a seemingly-future-set narrative about a new children's crusade to "the crack of doom". Atlantis (1973) is a concept album about the rise and fall of this supposedly high-tech city, and To the World of the Future (1975) vaguely fills out a future-oriented theme. Gate to Infinity (1977) can do little with its past-present-and-future theme, and the long title track to Andromeda Girl (1980) details in unidiomatic English a space-age love affair conducted "million light-years from the earth/near the Andromeda" where, apparently, "we sure are heading for another galaxy". Earth and Fire are not unlike Genesis in style, although they managed considerably less commercial and, frankly, artistic success. [AR]


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