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Letter-size perfect-bound Cinema magazine printed on cheap newsprint. Publisher: Warren Publishing. Editor: Russ Jones. Three issues, all in 1964.

Famous Films was apparently the first US Media Magazine to adapt Horror and sf films in photonovel or fumetti form, a practice which was to become very common for some years from the mid-1970s. The adapted stories used numerous black-and-white photographs with attached dialogue captions in the style of Comics speech balloons. Early choices were somewhat mystifying: the first adaptation was based on Horror of Party Beach (1964), widely considered as one of the poorest US horror films ever made, while the second issue (unnumbered and lacking the Famous Films banner, possibly due to a printer's error) featured The Mole People (1956). The third and final issue adapted both The Curse of Frankenstein (1957; vt Birth of Frankenstein) (see Frankenstein) and Horror of Dracula (1958; vt Dracula UK). Artist Wally Wood assisted with this short-lived publication, which apparently did not sell well. All covers were by the editor Russ Jones. Collectors should note that the third issue is numbered Famous Films #2. [GSt/DRL]

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