Feder, Ben

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(1923-2009) US real estate developer, winemaker and illustrator, the last being his first career, his cover work all dating from the 1950s and 1960s. In a manner typical of his era, he specialized in discrete emblematic images floating against neutral backgrounds. Work of interest includes covers for Robert Coover's The Origin of the Brunists (1966), Jack Finney's The Third Level (coll 1957), Robert Lindner's The Fifty-Minute Hour: A Collection of True Psychoanalytic Tales (coll 1955), Jerry Sohl's The Odious Ones (1959), Theodore Sturgeon's A Way Home (coll 1955) and Wilson Tucker's The Lincoln Hunters (1958). [JC]

Benjamin Feder

born New York: 1 February 1923

died Clinton Corners, New York: 24 September 2009


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