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(1913-2010) UK politician and author, a Labour member of Parliament from 1945 to 1992, and leader of the Labour party from 1980 to 1983; he resigned this position after losing the 1983 election against Margaret Thatcher. Much of his early journalism was written as by Cato, under which name he attacked the British government's appeasement policy towards Nazi Germany; his one fiction of sf interest, The Trial of Mussolini: Being a Verbatim Report of the First Great Trial for War Criminals Held in London Sometime in 1944 or 1945 (1943 chap) as by Cassius, puts into a Near Future frame his thoughts about World War Two, with political arguments about how the victors should handle the war's aftermath. H.G.: The History of Mr Wells (1995) reflects his lifelong interest in H G Wells as writer and revolutionary thinker. His introduction to the 2005 edition of Wells's The New Machiavelli (1911) is of particular interest as a personal memoir. [JC]

Michael Mackintosh Foot

born Plymouth, Devon: 23 July 1913

died London: 3 March 2010



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