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(?   -    ) US journalist and author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Frost Mountain Picnic Massacre" (31 August 2009 One Story), but much of whose short fiction is nonfantastic, though "Manhattan in 11031 AD" (11 June 2015 The New Yorker) is a deft Ruins-And-Futurity exercise. He is primarily of sf interest for his first novel, The Municipalists (2019), an Alternate World version of a Near Future America in which Comics geography is interwoven with more traditional placings and namings. In this world, New York is called Metropolis. The protagonist, a bureaucrat in the United States Municipal Survey which is tasked with ameliorating some of the problems of City life, finds himself inhabiting a complicated detective story, and gains a sidekick hologram AI. Though there are concerns expressed about the nature of urban life in the twenty-first century, the tone is often light. [JC]

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