Frontiere, Dominic

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(1931-    ) US composer and musician, a child prodigy who had studied several instruments by the age of four and played a solo arrangement in Carnegie Hall when twelve. He arranged the music for numerous films beginning with Meet Me in Las Vegas (1956); he is best remembered for his highly innovative theme and incidental music for the first season of the classic US Television series The Outer Limits (1963-1965), for which he employed a large orchestra. A close associate of executive producer Leslie Stevens from 1960, he was also made director of post-production for the series. Other film and television work of genre interest includes music for the quirky Stevens-produced Horror film Incubus (1966) and for the series The Invaders (1967-1968). During the 1970s he headed the music department at Paramount, one of the last working musicians to hold such a position. [LW]

Dominic Frontiere

born New Haven, Connecticut 1931



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