Gedge, Pauline

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(1945-    ) New Zealand-born Canadian author who is principally known for her best-selling nonfantastic historical fiction with ancient Egyptian settings [not listed below], but has also written fantasy and horror. Her first novel of strong genre interest is the fantasy or Science Fantasy Stargate (1982), a kind of alternate-Cosmology creation myth in which a Sun god deals with the loss of Immortality and the increasing ravages of Entropy on a universe no longer loved by its creator; the generally tragic effect is relieved by a final note of hope. Scroll of Saqqara (1991; vt Mirage 1991) mingles fantasy with horror in the author's favourite playground of ancient Egypt as an unwise Antihero seeks forbidden magical knowledge (the Scroll of Thoth) and thereby brings doom upon himself. [DRL]

Pauline Gedge

born Auckland, New Zealand: 11 December 1945


works (selected)

  • Stargate (New York: Dial Press, 1982) [hb/Diane and Leo Dillon]
  • Scroll of Saqqara (Toronto, Ontario: Penguin Books, 1991) [pb/Y W Lung]
    • Mirage (New York: HarperCollins, 1991) [vt of the above: hb/John Rush]


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