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Working name of French author Louis-Napoleon Geoffroy-Chateau (1803-1858), whose Napoléon et la conquête du monde, 1812-1832: Histoire de la monarchie universalle (1836; rev vt Napoléon Apocryphe: Histoire de la conquête du monde et de la monarchie universalle 1841; trans as Napoléon and the Conquest of the World 1812-1832: A Fictional History 1994) is an early – perhaps the first genuine – Alternate History, depicting Napoleon's astute strategy in Russia in 1812 (he backs away from Moscow, and lives to fight again), his conquest of Britain two years later, and his subsequent domination of the entire world. Progress is rapid; Inventions include powered dirigibles (see Airships; Balloons), flying automobiles, and much else. The tale was not translated into English until 1994. [JC]

Louis-Napoleon Geoffroy-Chateau

born Étampes, near Paris, France: 11 May 1803

died France: July 1858



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