Gillette, King Camp

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(1855-1932) US salesman and industrialist who partially invented and wholly made practicable the disposal safety razor, founding the company that now bears his name in 1901; his works as an author, sometimes as by King C Gillette, were universally focused on Utopian solutions to the dilemmas he saw infecting the rapidly expanding capitalist world, beginning with The Human Drift (1894), which advocates a socialist, pollution-free, non-competition-based America, whose 60,000,000 inhabitants are all housed in 36,000 apartment buildings evenly spaced throughout the one central City of Metropolis, with the rest of the continent empty except for farms. "World Corporation" (1910) and The People's Corporation (1924) with Upton Sinclair continue in semi-fictionalized form to argue for an umbrella corporation of worldwide scope, one of whose primary functions would be to protect ordinary citizens from the depredations of unregulated capitalism. [JC]

King Camp Gillette

born Fond du Lac, Wisconsin: 6 January 1855

died Los Angeles, California: 9 July 1932



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