Golemon, David Lynn

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(1955-    ) US military intelligence officer (ex) and author of the Event Group sequence of conspiracy thrillers, beginning with Event (2006) and ending with Legacy: An Event Group Thriller (2011), featuring the eponymous, highly armed (see Military SF) secret organization, which is dedicated to serving American Presidents in need. The first tale deals with UFOs; the second invokes Lost World conventions as the Group goes up the Amazon in search of El Dorado and a Dinosaur. [JC]

David Lynn Golemon

born Chino, California: 25 September 1955




Event Group

The Supernaturals

  • The Supernaturals (Titusville, Florida: Seven Realms Publishing, 2011) [The Supernaturals: pb/Christian Guidager]
    • The Supernaturals (New York: St Martin's Press, 2016) [rev of the above: The Supernaturals: hb/Jerry Todd]
  • In the Still of the Night (New York: St Martin's Press, 2017) [The Supernaturals: hb/]


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