Gozlan, Léon

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(1806-1866) French political journalist, feuilletonist, playwright and author, one of whose many novels is an sf Satire, Les Émotions de Polydore Marasquin; ou, Trois mois parmi les singes (1856 Journal Pour Tous; 1857; trans anon as The Man Among the Monkeys; Or, Ninety Days in Apeland. To Which Are Added The Philosopher and his Monkey, The Professor and the Crocodile, and Other Strange Stories of Men and Animals, anth 1873) [see Checklist for further translations], in which the castaway Marasquin becomes king of a tribe of intelligent though basically hostile tool-bearing monkeys (see Apes as Human; Tarzan). It is not known if any of the translations were adapted in order specifically to satirize the theory of Evolution. A later tale, Le Vampire du Val-de-Grace (1861; trans Brian Stableford as The Vampire of the Val-de-Grace 2012), less ambitiously traces the threat of a Vampire to members of its putative family, and to the world at large. [JC]

Léon Gozlan

born Marseilles, France: 1 September 1806

died Paris: 14 September 1866



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