Green, Edwin

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(?   -?   ) US author, possibly pseudonymous, known only for the Goliath series comprising Air Monster (1932) and Secret Flight (1933), marginally Near Future aviation tales for children (see Airship Boys) featuring a giant zeppelin described in terms just in advance of contemporary Technology. In the first tale, the Goliath rescues the crew of a submarine disabled at the North Pole; in the second, after Russia has been riven by a new revolution, the lads (who are effectively in charge of the great ship) help thwart a planned Invasion of Alaska. [JC]

Edwin Green






  • Air Monster (Chicago, Illinois: The Goldsmith Publishing Company, 1932) [Goliath: hb/uncredited]
  • Secret Flight (Chicago, Illinois: The Goldsmith Publishing Company, 1933) [Goliath: hb/uncredited]


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