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Working name of US blogger, singer-songwriter and author William Henry Green (1980-    ) who, after much media work, published his first print fiction of substance, the Carls sequence comprising An Absolutely Remarkable Thing (2018) and A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor (2020). Carls are an assemblage of sixty-four Robot sculptures suddenly discovered at nexus points in Cities worldwide, the fact that they comprise a single distributed entity being trailed conspicuously. The Carls eventually unveil themself as an Alien and their engaging in First Contact with Homo sapiens – with the sparky Internet-savvy female protagonist as conduit – is in order to warn, arm and protect us from an electronic Invasion on the part of less friendly aliens. The protagonist dies at the end of volume one but is reborn transformed in volume two. [JC]

William Henry Green

born Birmingham, Alabama: 5 May 1980





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