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(?   -?   ) US author and Feminist who, given the setting of her only sf novel, has been identified as the Sue Greenleaf who was based in Fort Worth, Texas, and Saltillo, Mexico, and eventually in San Francisco. A copy of Liquid from the Sun's Rays (1901; vt Don Miguel Lehumada, Discoverer of the Liquid from the Sun's Rays 1906) is subtitled, possibly in the author's hand, «A Romance in Future Mexico and USA». A Mexican Scientist, whose name appears in the 1906 variant title, has in one of several Near Future worlds made the Discovery – in a world where Mexico has been annexed to the USA and whose axis has shifted – that the Sun's Rays can be focused into a liquid form called "Memory Fluid". This, when ingested, has the ability to cure diseases, to evoke inner essences so potently truthful that they can cause suicide in their fleshly selves, and to serve as a new Power Source for the better world that may be about to reveal itself in the year 2050, after Lehumada becomes President of this expanded America. Wed by Mighty Waves: A Thrilling Romance of Ill-Fated Galveston (1901) depicts in nonfantastic terms the Galveston hurricane of 1901. [JC]

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