Griffiths, David Arthur

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(circa 1918-    ) UK author whose obscurity is only marginally lessened by the knowledge that, while working for Curtis Warren, he invited E C Tubb to write his first novels. Under the Pseudonym David Shaw, Griffiths wrote Laboratory "X" (1950), Planet Federation (1950) and Space Men (1951); under the House Name Gill Hunt he wrote Vega (1951) and Fission (1952); and under the House Name King Lang he wrote Gyrator Control (1951), Astro-Race (1951), Task Flight (1951), Rocket Invasion (1951) and Projectile War (1951). Though unconfirmed, there is a strong possibility that Griffiths was the author of six Tarzan-derived novels under the House Name Marco Garron. [JC]

David Arthur Griffiths

born circa 1918



as by David Shaw

as by Gill Hunt

as by King Lang


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