Grimes, Tom

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Working name of Thomas J Grimes (1954-    ), US author of two Near Future Satires: City of God (1995) views pre-millennium America as a media-dominated funhouse full of terrors; (A Medicated Memoir) (2003) sends its protagonist through a similarly deranged and deranging Cyberspace in a McGuffin-like quest for the source of a strange new disease, which turns out not to be so harmless as it may have seemed, as it is a viral manifestation of cultural/personal system overload called Information Sickness. At times Grimes writes as though conscious of being a direct descendant of authors like Kurt Vonnegut or John T Sladek; at other points, his sense of the world at the further edge of the present seems simply, though vertiginously, clear. [JC]

Thomas J Grimes

born 30 September 1954




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