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US specialist Small Press, 1947-1948, based in Providence, Rhode Island, owned by Thomas P Hadley. It grew out of (or was a renaming of) Buffalo Book Co, under which name it published The Time Stream (December 1931-March 1932 Wonder Stories; 1946) by John Taine and The Skylark of Space (August-October 1928 Amazing; 1946) by E E "Doc" Smith. A very short-lived company, Hadley was notable for publishing John W Campbell Jr's first book, The Mightiest Machine (December 1934-April 1935 Astounding; 1947), A E van Vogt's The Weapon Makers (February-April 1943 Astounding; 1947; rev vt One Against Eternity 1952) and L Ron Hubbard's Final Blackout (April-June 1940 Astounding; 1948). The company was bought out by Donald M Grant and became the Grandon Company; later, under his own name, Grant became an important small-press publisher of fantasy. [MJE/PN]

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