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(?   -    ) UK author whose Midday Sun trilogy beginning with Going out in the Midday Sun (2012) edges just past the present in its closing pages, with Climate Change threatening the cast. She is of greater sf interest for Hoxton (2016; vt Londinia 2020), set in a distant Near Future Dystopian London divided into two geographical zones not sociologically dissimilar to divisions already threatening to dismember the early twenty-first century City. In the Cincture (a meaning of this term being enclosure) the rich live sterile lives protected from Climate Change in a desolated world (see Satire); outside, in The Pan, lives everyone else in poverty and tumult, finding solace in sharable existences. The protagonist, whose name is Hoxton and seems to live in that district, is a Finder of desirables who trades between the two zones. In The Hundred and Fifty-Eighth Book (2017), a secondhand bookseller finds a book whose pages seem to unpack the future. [JC]

Kate A Hardy

born London.




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