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Pseudonym of US poet, journalist and author Helen Burrell D'Apery (1842-1915) for at least two fantasies, The Show Girl (1902) and The Sociable Ghost [for subtitle see Checklist below] (1903), much of the latter being set Underground, beneath a New York churchyard. Of sf interest is A Fair Californian (1889), whose protagonist discovers via a mine in New Mexico access to a Hollow Earth world inhabited by angel-like beings, a race of Feminists that boasts high Technology, Immortality, and access to other planets, where an Apes as Human culture has been encountered. Toward the end of her career, Harper novelized many plays, most of them being nonfantastic melodramas. [JC]

Helen Burrell D'Apery

born Tunckhannock, Pennsylvania: 1842

died Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 2 May 1915



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