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(1982-    ) US publisher and author initially known for his Ash McKenna sequence of crime novels beginning with New Yorked (2015) [series not listed below]. His first sf novel, The Warehouse (2019), is set in a Near Future Dystopian coercive company-town-like Keep called "MotherCloud" whose inmates, under the rule of a megalomaniacal lord of the digital and physically policed totalitarianism controlled through his planetary corporation, Cloud (see Media Landscape), perform the kinds of grunt-work typically available to workers as the twenty-first century proceeds. They are in effect slaves (see Slavery). Surveillance capitalism, whose CEOs bank millions a year in gamed bonuses, is here subject to Satire. [JC]

Rob Hart

born New York: 1982


works (selected)

  • The Warehouse (New York: Random House/Crown, 2019) [hb/Michael Morris]


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