Hathway, Alan

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(1906-1977) Author, presumably US, known only for his four 1941 contributions to the Doc Savage universe, all under the usual House Name for that series: Kenneth Robeson. These began with "The Devil's Playground" (January 1941 Doc Savage; 1970). The remaining episodes – "The Rustling Death" (May 1941 Doc Savage), featuring a disintegration Weapon, "The Headless Men" (June 1941 Doc Savage), whose Mad Scientist controls a horde of decapitated but still living slaves, and "The Mindless Monsters" (September 1941 Doc Savage) with its titular Zombie-like menace – were reissued only as parts of collections; see Checklist below. [DRL]

Alan Hathway

born 1906

died 1977



Doc Savage



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