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(circa 1991-    ) US author whose Lightless sequence, comprising Lightless (2015), Supernova (2016) and Radiate (2017), combines family romance – the protagonist's terrorist putative father's sister is a dangerously charismatic rebel – and a Hard SF Near Future exploration of the nature of AI. Aboard an experimental Spaceship under the control of the tyranny now governing a Dystopian Earth, the Computer scientist protagonist finds herself engaged with the onboard electronics, which are gradually integrating themselves into a coherent "self", with the result that the ship becomes sentient. The action moves to the home planet, where revolution promises and threatens much, and the ship may find her "parents". [JC]

Caitlin A Higgins

born circa 1991





  • Lightless (New York: Del Rey, 2015) [Lightless: hb/David G Stevenson]
  • Supernova (New York: Del Rey, 2016) [Lightless: hb/Shutterstock]
  • Radiate (New York: Del Rey, 2017) [Lightless: hb/Shutterstock]


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