Holmes and Yo-Yo

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US tv series (1976). Heyday Parody, Universal Television Studios, ABC Television Network. Created by Lee Hewitt and Jack Sher. Produced by Arne Sultan. Directors included Jack Arnold and Noam Pitlk; starring John Shuck, Richard B Shull, Bruce Kirby, Andrea Howard. Written by Sultan, John Landis and Richard Freiman. Thirteen 25-minute episodes. Colour.

Detective Alexander Holmes (Shull) has the unfortunate habit of always having his partners either severely injured, or killed outright, until Gregory "Yo-Yo" Yovonovich (Schuck) comes along as his new partner. He soon learns the reason for Yo-Yo's invulnerability is that he is an experimental Android being tested out with him. Though Holmes is taken aback at first, the duo soon learns to work well together (more or less), although Yovonovich has numerous mishaps due to his mechanical nature. Most episodes of this short-lived, now almost forgotten sf sitcom dealt with routine crimes while deriving humour from these frequent near-disasters. A swift failure, Holmes and Yo-Yo was followed in the same year by Future Cop (1976-1977), which failed for ABC almost as quickly. [GSt]


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