Honeywell, Antonia

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(?   -    ) UK teacher and author whose first novel, The Ship (2015), begins in a Near Future London ravaged by various Disasters connected to Climate Change; though it is not primarily a Young Adult tale, an initial focus on its young protagonist, one of the survivors who now rule London from within armoured Keeps, may deceive. The central action retains the family focus on the young adult genre, and it is her father who has financed the outfitting of a ship able to support 500 passengers for two decades, when conditions may have improved; but the Ship of Fools narrative that makes up the bulk of the tale conveys, with some sharp Satirical points, a vision of Homo sapiens as carrying Dystopia in its genes. The psychotic Amnesia increasingly characteristic of the ship's passengers clearly augurs that the End of the World may be nigh. [JC]

Antonia Honeywell




  • The Ship (London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2015) [hb/Us Now]


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