Hoover, Kenneth Mark

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(1959-    ) US author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Joke Hell" for Fantastic Stories of the Imagination in 2000, and whose sf novel, Fevreblau (2005), re-investigates the familiar sf tale in which the women of Earth are unjustly accused of a sin against the race (in this case, most of them have died of plague) and are imprisoned as breeders (see Feminism). The Marwood sequence comprising Haxan (2014) and Quaternity (2015), which is mostly set in an Alternate World version of the Old West, features a protagonist afflicted with Immortality and a mission to combat forever forces that might rip the world apart; he bears some resemblance to Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion, but comfortably inhabits territory not native to that figure. [JC]

Kenneth Mark Hoover

born New Iberia, Louisiana: 1959





  • Haxan (Toronto, Ontario: ChiZine Publications, 2014) [Marwood: pb/]
  • Quaternity (Toronto, Ontario: ChiZine Publications, 2015) [Marwood: pb/Erik Mohr]

individual titles

  • Fevreblau (Waterville, Maine: Gale Group/Five Star, 2005) [hb/Thorsten Grambow]


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