Horne, Richard Henry

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(1803-1884) UK dramatist, poet and author, who changed his name to Richard Hengist Horne in 1867; credited by William Wilson as the author of what is, according to Wilson's Definition of SF, an exemplary work of "Science-Fiction": The Poor Artist, or Seven Eye-Sights and One Object: "Science in Fable" (1850; vt with added essay The Poor Artist, or Seven Eye-Sights and One Object 1871 as by Richard H Horne) anonymous, a didactic tale in which a struggling artist achieves success by reproducing seven different images of a coin as perceived by various woodland creatures, who argue their various Perceptions of reality in the style of the Beast Fable [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. Many of Horne's poetic dramas deal inflatedly with emblematic figures out of mythology; the most famous of them, Orion: An Epic Poems, in Three Books (1843), which figures the Poet as an Immortal, was praised by Edgar Allan Poe. [BS/JC]

Richard Henry Horne (but later) Richard Hengist Horne

born London: 1 January 1803

died Margate: 13 March 1884



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