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Working name of Elizabeth Ann Hull (1937-    ) US academic and critic who taught English for more than 30 years at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, and remains a Professor Emerita of that institution; married to Frederik Pohl from 1984 until his death. She has been active in the Science Fiction Research Association, editing its SFRA Newsletter and serving as president, and receiving the SFRA's Thomas D Clareson Award in 1998. Her critical essays and other nonfiction works, sometimes as Elizabeth A Hull, have appeared in Extrapolation, Destinies, Fantasy Review, Locus (her most frequent venue, including various event/Convention reports) and critical and other Anthologies. A small number of story publications began with "Author Plus" (July 1981 Asimov's) with Frederik Pohl. With Pohl she co-edited the international showcase anthology Tales from the Planet Earth (anth 1986) under the aegis of World SF, and alone edited the Pohl festschrift Gateways: Original New Stories Inspired by Frederik Pohl (anth 2010). [DRL]

Elizabeth Ann Hull

born Upper Darby, Pennsylvania: 10 January 1937


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