Hussingtree, Martin

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Pseudonym of UK politician and author Oliver Ridsdale Baldwin (1899-1958), son of the British politician and prime minister Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947); his pseudonym is taken from Martin Hussingtree, a small village in Worcestershire not far from the Baldwin family ironworks factory in Wilden. Baldwin's experiences during active service in World War One were devastating, avowedly created a socialist out of him, and almost certainly shaped his sf novel, Konyetz (1924) (the title means "end" or "termination" in Russian): after describing social upheavals, the tale depicts the Invasion of Britain, which leads to a worldwide Future War and the end of civilization. In 1929 Baldwin became a Labour Member of Parliament. Aïssa: Being the Life of Aïssa Ben Yusuf of El Naseerta Otherwise Known as Jesus of Nazareth (1935) is a fantasy moderately subversive of the Christian Religion. [JC]

Oliver Ridsdale Baldwin, second Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

born Wilden, Worcestershire: 1899

died England: 10 August 1958



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