Hussingtree, Martin

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Pseudonym of UK politician and author Oliver Ridsdale Baldwin (1899-1958), son of the British politician and prime minister Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947); his pseudonym is taken from Martin Hussingtree, a small village in Worcestershire not far from the Baldwin family ironworks factory in Wilden. Baldwin's experiences in World War One were devastating, and almost certainly shaped his sf novel, Konyetz (1924) (the title means "end" or "termination" in Russian): after describing social upheavals, the tale depicts the Invasion of Britain, which leads to a worldwide Future War and the end of civilization. In 1929 Baldwin became a Labour Member of Parliament. The Coming of Aissa: Being the Life of Aissa Ben Yusuf of El Naseerta Otherwise Known as Jesus of Nazareth (1935) is a fantasy moderately subversive of the Christian Religion. [JC]

Oliver Ridsdale Baldwin, second Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

born Wilden, Worcestershire: 1899

died England: 10 August 1958



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