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(?   -?   ) UK author – possibly resident in Jamaica – who was a prolific contributor of short fiction to the London Evening News (131 stories 1934-1950) and other venues but is best known for the remarkable Vampires Overhead (1935), in which Comet-hopping Vampires invade Earth, causing devastation, first to London, then everywhere. The tale then shifts to a Post-Holocaust mode as three men escape the catastrophe to make a new life in the English countryside. The novel is told with very considerable vigour; but although he published at least three story collections and two further novels, this author (unless Alan Hyder is a not-yet uncovered pseudonym) never returned to genre fiction at book length. Vampires Overhead was included in a list prepared in 1983 by Karl Edward Wagner for Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine of the thirteen best Horror in SF novels. [JC/DRL]

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