Hyder, Liz

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(?   -    ) UK author whose first novel, the Young Adult Bearmouth (2019), allows the inference of an unspecific Dystopian sf world beyond the immediate range of knowledge of the young cast, whose lives and Perceptions seem circumscribed by the walls of the coalmine in which they have been immured since infancy. The narrator Newt Combes speaks a slightly modified English, which he or she spells more or less phonetically (see Linguistics). There may be deliberate resonances in Hyder's version of Underground incarceration of Charles Dickens in general, and of Joan Aiken's Is (1992; vt Is Underground 1993) in particular. [JC]

Liz Hyder

born London.



  • Bearmouth (London: Pushkin Children's Books, 2019) [hb/]


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