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US tv series (1969-1971). Paramount/ABC TV. Concept based on the novel The Immortals (fixup 1962) by James E Gunn. Executive producer Tony Wilson. Produced by Lou Morheim. Directors included Joseph Sargent (pilot), Mike Caffey. Writers included Robert Specht, Stephen Kandel, Dan Ullman. Cast includes David Brian, Christopher George, Don Knight, Carol Lynley and Barry Sullivan. 75-minute pilot, followed by 15 50-minute episodes. Colour.

In the 1969 pilot Ben Richards (George) is discovered to have a rare blood-type which renders him immune to disease and to the ageing process. An elderly millionaire wants to keep him locked up as a human fountain of youth, but he escapes to search for his long-lost brother, who may have the same type of blood. The 1970 series reverts to the formula of the hunted man – others are after him, too – having adventures on his travels. The novelization is The Immortal (1970), also by James Gunn. [JB]


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