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Pseudonym of US architect, civil engineer and author Alfred Francis Sears (1826-1911), in Peru 1872-1880. His Lost Race novel, The Lost Inca: a Tale of Discovery in the Vale of the Inti-Mayu (1889) [for full title see Checklist below], carries its protagonist into the heart of Peru, where the descendants of Manco-Capac, last of the Incas – having escaped destruction at the hands of the white invaders – have created a Utopia that benefits from advanced Technology, many Inventions and improved modes of Transportation, the latter including a large boat powered by electricity, the batteries for which are recharged by what may be wind turbines. This Incan civilization proves capable of defending itself. [JC].

Alfred Francis Sears

born Boston, Massachusetts: 10 November 1826

died Portland, Oregon: 7 June 1911



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