Jacomb, C E

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(1888-1961) UK editor and author who was in active service during World War One; he is the author of one Scientific Romance, And A New Earth: A Romance (1926), which combines the Utopian and Future War genres: a millionaire has established on Easter Island (see Island) an elitist Eugenics-based society, which is forced to defend itself against the major powers and the Church, employing the advanced weaponry it has developed; during the course of this conflict civilization in general is wiped out by a great flood in 1958; but the island survives, and culture develops slowly anew in the Ruined Earth, though the elite community (as a frame narrative makes clear) does not itself flourish indefinitely. [JE/JC]

Charles Ernest Jacomb

born Godalming, Surrey: 1888

died London: 10 October 1961



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